It is between me & Bobi Wine – Bebe Promises to bring Bobi down

Musician Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool has insisted that the heightened political campaigns are just a competition between him and his long time arch-rival Bobi Wine.

Bebe Cool made these remarks during an interview on NBS’s uncut program yesterday, where he said that there’s no competition between President Museveni of NRM and Robert Kyagulanyi of National Unity Platform but rather their old music wrangles mirroring in form of politics.

Bebe Cool asserts that Bobi Wine is still doing politics using the tricks that he gave him years back and therefore says that it’s only Bebe that can stop Bobi.

“As a supporter of NRM, I know him [Bobi Wine] as a musician, he’s playing in my manuscripts, I will challenge him……It’s now between an artist and artist. Don’t think that Bobi Wine is in a competition with President Museveni…… those are just dreams.” Bebe Cool said in an interview.

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Bebe Cool has been complaining why electoral commission is allowing Bobi Wine to have processions yet it is against Electoral Commission and Ministry of Health Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.Ps).

And still EC looks on as this guy continues to defy COVID-19 guidelines.” Bebe complained yesterday on Tuesday afternoon.

Bebe Cool has now promised to take on Bobi Wine piece by piece and promised to resume processions at all costs to challenge the preeminence of People Power and even ready to finance the NRM processions himself.

“I have finishing emptying my Bank accounts and made contracts with my team, I am entering the field …..ten times more powerful” Sad Bebe.

Electoral Commission of Uganda gave guidelines to be followed in elections campaigns that include among others the rule restricting a rally to not more than 200. When Bobi Wine held three rallies having large numbers exceeding 200 people, Bebe Cool launched counter processions for the NRM party to show that NRM is also powerful. Bebe Cool’s started his processions in West Nile, then Acholi Sub region, suspending them in Karamoja sub region when Bobi Wine was arrested on allegations of violating electoral commission guidelines.

Bebe Cool had since then embarked to door to door campaigns distributing NRM T Shirts while as he kneels down before supporters.

Bebe Cool kneeling
Bebe Cool kneeling before a group of supporters giving them NRM T shirts.

Upon Bobi Wine’s release, he continued his campaign trail and his presence in various district has attracted masses who hold processions behind him and also make crowds at rally areas.

Bobi Wine procession in Nakifuma, Mukono District on Monday morning.

It is from this point that Bebe Cool says that he will also resume NRM processions whether they arrest him, tear gas or even shoot him.

Neither Bobi Wine, nor his team has responded to Bebe Cool’s threats yet.

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  1. I am 100% fan of #Bebe but i wouldn’t support him to beef with Bobi in this trying period.Bebe know that you are also going to put lives of innocent Ugandans on Covid-19 risks,death arising from shooting and tear gasing and looting of property as those NUP hooligans might join your campaigns secretly to distablise and tarnish your name the more because am very sure you also have a huge following

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