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Islamic State Claims Kumamboga Bomb Blast Responsibility

The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) claimed full responsibility for Kumamboga bomb blast which killed one and left many incurred over the weekend.

In a statement posted on the militant group’s affiliated Telegram channel on Sunday evening, it confirmed that its affiliates carried out the scathing attack in Kumamboga Kyanja Digida pork joint in Kawempe division.

The group said some of its members detonated an explosive device in a bar where “members and spies of the Ugandan crusader government were gathering in Kampala on Saturday night, at around 9:00 Pm.

The exitement soon turned into tears after an explosion, which eye witnesses claimed was a bomb attack.

Commenting on the attack, Ugandan president Gen. Yoweri Museveni said the act was a terrorist attack and vowed to track down the perpetrators. It happened just a few days after British intelligence warned of an upcoming terror attack on Uganda

The Government confirmed the terrorist group’s claims and said they have started scrutinizing such claims, to establish their authenticity and truthfulness.
However Police Counter Terrorism director, AIGP Abas Byakagaba said while addressing journalist on Monday that there is no evidence to prove or deny the claims but said investigations will inform them of the group behind the attack.

“We don’t work with Islamic State. What they want is what they say. We cant come out with information before carrying out thorough investigations. Only investigations will tell us who did the act,”Byakagaba said.

“We can’t say things when we have no evidence. Even if they (IS) say they attacked, we will have to investigate to come out with a report.”

Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said since no arrest has been made, it is too early to attribute the incident on any terrorist group.

“We don’t want to rush into sentimental claims by these groups. Why does it come after almost 48 hours? We want to assure Ugandans that despite claims by IS, there is no evidence so far to prove or disprove such claims. No suspects arrested so far. We can’t determine the motivation of the attackers without getting suspects. We can only get into details after arresting some suspects. We continue to build on leads we have,” Enanga said.

Minister of Internal affairs retired Maj. Gen. Kahinde Otaffire also said Claims by the Islamic State will not be taken lightly, and that they are going to scrutinize them to the fullest extent.

The Police counter terrorism director urged the public to always be vigilant of any suspicious persons and items.

“All suspicious items and persons should be reported to police and other security agencies. Watch out for suspicious abandoned items whereas there should be access control measures to places frequented by many people,”Byakagaba said.

ISIL is one of the most feared and lethal terrorist group in the world founded by Abu Bakhar Al Baghdad with the aim of islamising the world, ISIL has spread terror across the globe, by launching several suicide bombings resulting in deaths of millions.

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