I will support Bobi Wine you dogs – Geosteady goes bare knuckles with the gov’t

Musician Geosteady is one of the musicians who are disgruntled with the act of Ugandan government allowing Nigerian artists Omah Lay and Tems to perform at Speke Resort Munyonyo yet Ugandan artists are being refused from holding shows.

The Owoma singer expressed his dissatisfaction with the way Omah Lay and Tems were allowed saying that he will even vote the opposition candidate in the coming General elections.

He asked why Ugandans are being refused to perform, which has made them too broke to be chased from houses they rent yet Nigerian artists are being allowed to come and perform to crowds where no SOPs are followed.

“Why is it that [Ugandan] artists are going to be chased from houses [they rent] and no one is helping yet artists from outside come and perform here” Asked Geosteady.

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Geosteady further asked why Ugandans went to support such artists yet their own are not allowed to perform, wondering why they didn’t boycott the concert.

And all you people go support???” Mesmerized Geosteady asked.

Public concerts and shows were banned in Uganda in mid March this year as a way of reducing the spread of COVID-19. 9 Months have passed without any performance by Ugandan artists yet Nigerian artists Omah Ley and Tems were allowed to perform in a crowded event that wasn’t even following S.O.Ps.

Geosteady is not the only artist who has shown dissatisfaction. Other musicians like Bebe Cool who had even promised to fail the concert, King Saha, Gravity Omutujju, Ykee Benda, DJ Shiru and many others have also complained.

“Kati kakawe Bobi kibalume mbwa mwe tafulu” Concluded Geosteady

Naye bwekaba kamanyiro kino kisusse. So we Ugandan Artists spread Corona Compared Naye man this is so hurting?? naye…

Posted by Geosteady on Sunday, December 13, 2020

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