I will continue driving my Raum- Ssegirinya to pocket the 200 million given to MPS

As other MPS are excited running to the next car bonds to purchase themselves the monstrous luxurious rides with the 200 million shillings availed to them, Kawempe North Mp Muhammad Ssegirinya has proved otherwise.

The legislator announced how he’s going to continue cruising his Raum car.

Ssegirinya said that it doesn’t excite him driving a 200 million shillings car when he’s people are suffering.

He’s therefore going to use this money to uplift the welfare of his people in his constituency.

“I will be driving my Raum UAT while going to both my constituency and parliament. Nothing is exciting me to buy a car worth 200M yet my people of Kawempe North are not doing well.” Ssegirinya announced.

Ssegirinya has proved that he’s beyond an Mp of simply debating laws which actually don’t provide tangible solutions to people’s problems.

He’s resorted to uplifting the welfare of his people in his constituency.

He announced a few months back how he was bent on building Kawempe North hospital which is going to become one of the best in the region.

He’s already started equipping it with machines some of which he’s gotten from well wishers.

Just like he did in the first lockdown delivering food supplies to people in Kawempe, Ssegirinya has also resorted to the same this month providing food on a door to door basis in Kawempe north.

The comical legislator also donated ambulances to some of the different regions of the country to help in the fight against COVID 19.

Ssegirinya also continues to provide financial assistance to small scale business people to boost their financial capabilities in Kawempe North.

His works have been applauded by many across the country.

It’s from this that some people have started holding their leaders accountable and demanding them for tangible services.

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