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‘‘How Can Security Quickly Arrest Political Threats & Fail Track Down Masaka Goons?’’, Katikkiro Mayiga Asks

The Buganda premier Charles Peter Mayiga has wondered how security agencies can quickly arrest political threats who conduct unlawful rallies and fail to track down and arrest goons that are killing nationals in greater Masaka region.

On Tuesday, Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga Mayiga said that the Buganda Kingdom is deeply concerned about the murders in Masaka, and other parts of Buganda orchestrated by the spirited machete-wielding gangs but questioned how the Masaka killers are able to send a notice about their next victims, attack, and escape unnoticed despite all the security deployment in the district.

“This has created panic but we ask ourselves how is it possible that security agencies have failed to arrest these gangs even when they have given pre-attack notices? How come security agencies quickly arrest politicians when they organize rallies?” Mayiga asked.

However, the Buganda premier Mayiga urged the government and security to act swiftly and bring the criminals to book, to save the residents who are currently living in fear and panic.

“We appeal to government and security agencies to arrest these criminals and bring them to book. It must be established on who sponsors these agencies,” Mayiga added.

Spokesperson Fred Enanga on Monday revealed in a security press conference that at least 15 suspects, who have admitted to the killings, have been arrested following killings in Masaka by machete welding goons whose intentions are not yet clear.

At least 30 people, mainly elderly over 50 years of age have so far been confirmed dead in one month and leaving others nursing wounds after narrowly escaping these goons who move with machete at night in greater masaka region.

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