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‘‘Gulu City Council Clerk Registered As A Musician To Partake Covid Relief Fund,’’ PAC Reveals.

The Local Government Public Accounts Committee has revealed that Gulu city clerk registered as a musician to partake the Shs100,000 COVID relief fund meant for the vulnerable

According to reports seen by the Public Accounts Committee led by Gulu District ex-chairman Martin Ojara Mapenduzi, the clerk is said to have registered as a musician to partake of the money.

The Clerk’s actions are only a signal of the mess surrounding the registration of beneficiaries in Gulu City, where the real vulnerable were replaced by politicians, technocrats, and staff earning a good sum.

Recently, Pearlpost blew the lid on Geoffrey Oloya, the man who was called live on television as the first recipient of the COViD-19 relief fund.

According to records, Oloya was indicated as a Boda Boda rider, alas, he works as an assistant in the mayor’s office and has never been a Boda Boda rider.

In the previous month, it was also revealed by the PAC that some of covid-19 relief beneficiaries from Tororo municipality and Mbale city were civil servants.

According to the fact-finding mission conducted, the committee led by Kumi Municipality legislator, Mr Silas Augon, observed that many civil servants fluked the funds for vulnerable groups ranging from categories such as taxi drivers, conductors, boda boda riders, slum dwellers, street, and hair dressers.

According to PAC discoveries, it was observed that elderly women were registered as beneficiaries under the categories of boda boda riders and drivers.

For instance Rose Nabutiti, 86, was registered as a boda boda rider while Adnan Namaisi, 86, was classified as a musician yet the above are not.
The public accounts committee however has said that each administration that defrauded the system will be reprimanded

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