Germany should colonise Uganda and develop her- Stella Nyanzi says

Embattled former Makerere University professor Stella Nyanzi has come out to criticize her homeland Uganda over what she calls dismal and appalling situations according to those she’s living in Germany.

It should be noted that the former Kampala Mp failure exiled herself first to Kenya after the elections and she recently moved to Germany where she’s having the time of her life.

Nyanzi said that she was so thankful to the German government for vaccinating her with the Johnson &Johnson vaccine due to the lack of COVID 19 vaccines in Uganda.

The professor who excelled in sexual studies bragged about how she now has an EU COVID 19 Vaccine Passport that allows her to travel anywhere in the EU.

Stella Nyanzi even took time to explain how the mass vaccination center in Munich is beautifully set up tht she almost climaxed from there.

She said that most of the people there have been vaccinated because despite the center being huge with all the amenities, she found just a handful of people showing up to be vaccinated.

The ex-convict talked of the care she was given by the staff soon as she arrived there was nothing like the one compared to Uganda

Nyanzi also said that unlike in Uganda where people are left with no option in choosing which vaccine to be vaccinated with since there is only AstraZeneca, it was the opposite in Germany.

There are number of vaccines such as Modena, Biontench, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson.

She further said that unlike in Uganda where is discrimination and people of her age were not prioritised, in Germany everyone who shows up from age 12 is vaccinated.

She concluded by saying the ministry of health officials should take a leaf from Germany.

“I wondered when Uganda will catch up with some of these advanced countries. I wondered whether Dr Diana Atwine and Dr Jane Ruth Aceng did not hear about the vaccinations programs in Germany. I envied Germans and pitied Ugandans. I felt bad for Ugandans living and dying in Uganda under dictator Museveni’s failed public health system. Museveni must go.” Stella Nyanzi wrote on her Facebook page.

However, some of her followers were not pleased that she was comparing the two countries because they are very different in very many aspects.

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