Events Promoter Bajjo Released From Jail, Denies Crime

A few days ago saw Police summon motor mouthed events promoter Bajjo Andrew of Bajjo Events to their headquarters in Kibuli.

This was in relation to a video circulated on social media that showed the events promoter criticising government for the poor pay towards it’s civil servants.

In this video Bajjo said that he had decided to speak up for the coward security officials, teachers and judiciary who receive peanuts as pay.

On getting to the station for a statement, Bajjo spent the night in the coolers on crimes of incitement of violence in the public.

Bajjo was however released yesterday but he comically denied being the one in the video despite the evidence pinning him.

He said that Police had arrested the wrong person but advised them to still work on the message in the video.

“They arrested a wrong Bajjo. In the meantime I advise them to work on the issues raised by the wrong Bajjo as they look to arrest him.” Bajjo said.

He was told to go back to police on the 21st of September.

He however said that he’s going to become a voice for the voiceless because he was shown a lot of love by the people while in jail.

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