“Embrace Poverty Alleviation Programmes”, Nabbanja Urges Religious Leaders

Since the outbreak of corona virus March last year, many people have been greatly affected especially Music industry and religious institutions.

Lockdowns, curfew, banning of both private and public transport systems, and mass gatherings to minimize spread were all implemented.

Performing arts were advised to shift to virtual shows which are made online. They have been out of business ever since the lockdown was implemented in Uganda, churches and schools. Public gathering strictly prohibited as a way of combing up the spread of COVID-19 which is in its second wave.

Following partial rift of the second lockdown last week by the president, Places of worship were again banned for 60 days. Maximum of 10 religious leaders allowed leading virtual prayers.

This forced a section of religious leaders on Sunday to pay a courtesy visit to Prime Minister Nabbanja’s home, asking that government reconsiders this and have their places reopened.

However, Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja has urged religious leaders to get involved in government programs instead of seeking to have churches re-opened.

According to Ms. Nabbanja these will have to wait a little longer as government studies the situation.

Nabbanja urged them to embrace government programmes as they wait for the president to lift the ban on religious gatherings.

“The COVID-19 situation put us at the same level. They [religious leaders] should embrace government programs and also get involved directly so as to benefit,” Nabbanja said.

Nabbanja said that according to the COVID-19 task force, a number of religious leaders violated the guidelines on gatherings when the first lockdown was lifted which partly contributed to the spike in infections.

The religious leaders however argued that places of worship are more organized than some of the places which the president allowed to operate.

They said abandoning prayer should not be the solution at a time when the country is grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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