George Mutekanga

Education Ministry Withdraws Certificate To All Private Schools- Tasked To Register Afresh.

Ministry of education and sports has tasked all private schools to register afresh after withdrawing their certificates as school reopening program nears.

George Mutekanga who is the Assistant Commissioner in charge of private schools and institutions at the Ministry of Education said that this exercise will help government to weed out schools that are no longer operational.

“We are trying to update our register, we are trying to weed out schools that are closed, schools that were grant funded, we are going to give them new certificates,” Mutekanga said while addressing the press on Monday at Media centre.

According to Mutekanga, schools will receive a new certificate which will have security features and the exercise will start with schools in Kampala, Wakiso and other parts of the central region before it spreads out to other parts of the country.

This development has come shortly after the same ministry halted transfer of secondary school teachers with immediate effect as school opening program nears.
According to Mrs Janet Museveni, the ban is intended to first streamline some of the gaps that have been identified by some affected parties through a validation process when schools reopen.

Filbert Baguma, General Secretary of Uganda National Teachers’ Union (UNATU) noted that the exercise will help to take stock of the teachers who have managed to come back and also get to inform the replacement numbers for those who may fail to report back when schools reopen.

As far as school reopening program is concerned, ministry of education seeks to vaccinate at least 550,000 teachers before the announcement official school reopening program dates.
So far vaccinated 269,445 (49 percent) teachers as of 20th Sept. 2021 for the first doze and 96,653 teachers (17.6%) have been vaccinated for the second dose since the vaccination program started.

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