Chris Baryomunsi

“Don’t Pressurise Gov’t To Re-open Schools”, Information Minister Urges Public.

Chris Baryomunsi who is the Information minister and Member of Parliament, Kinkizi East, Kanungu has urged the public not to pressurise government to re-open schools but rather wait until the appropriate time and save guard the lives of learners and Uganda at large.

Following president Museveni statement for schools remain closed until January 2022, public and a number of stakeholders disagreed with this move, saying that schools need to be reopened at least next month to avoid ‘catastrophic’ occurrences, especially to the learners.

President Museveni while addressing the nation this week he said that 4.8 million priority population including teachers should first get vaccinated before we can open schools.

“I call upon all teachers and support staff to get vaccinated as soon as possible to enable safe re-opening of schools,” said Museveni in a televised update of the COVID-19 situation.

Former FDC president Dr. Kizza Besigye also critised this move of opening churches and other gathering and leave out schools.

Besigye wandered how children will go to churches and sports betting without endangering their parents and grandparents/ grandparents but becomes dangerous as they go to school.

“Our children may go to markets, places of worship, & sports betting without endangering their parents & grandparents with Covid19; however, it’s dangerous to go to school!! “, Besigye reacted on his tweet page.

“It’s really time to end this NONSENSE”, he added.

However while Speaking on NBS Frontline yesterday, Baryomunsi said that government is only trying to create a safe environment for everyone, and should not be pressurised into re-opening schools.

“If you die now, when will you pursue your degree? The intention is that we create a safe environment. We have gone through two waves of Covid-19 and we lost many Ugandans, you also know what happened when we opened schools (the last time),” Baryomunsi said.

Baryomunsi also re-echoed President Museveni’s words, saying, “The President has been saying pregnancy is better than dying. That is a valid explanation.”

“Do not box us into a corner because Britain and UK have opened up, they have because they have vaccinated a large number of their population,” Baryomunsi said.

According to Baryomunsi, people who are forcing government to re-open schools are those that want to make money at the expense of the lives of millions of Ugandans.

1.7 million Ugandans have so far been vaccinated according to the Ministry of health data base.

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