Bishop Stuart University

BSU Mbarara bans students with Miniskirts, Damaged Jeans, Tattoos & Shorts from Attending Lectures

Bishop Stuart University has issued a decree barring students whose dressing code is deemed ‘indecent’ by University standards not to appear in the university premises, in places that include administration offices, chapel and lecture rooms.

In a letter issued on December 1st by the Dean of Students Rev Francis Muhangi, the Mbarara based university specified that girls who put on miniskirts, damaged jeans, shots and tattoos will not be allowed in premises while boys who plaint hair, have tattoos, earrings and body piercings will not be allowed too.

Boys who wear sandals, shorts, damaged jeans and those who do not comb their hair will also not be allowed.

“This is to bring to your notice that effective 02nd December 2021, no one will be allowed to access university premises with the following dresscode,” said Rev Muhangi in a statement before listing the dresscodes.

The notice has brought stirred reactions among students community with some praising the move as it upholds the morals of a Christian university while others look at the move to be demeaning and reducing the University students’ level to Primary School standards and rules.

“Is this a primary school or a secondary school? Anyway design for them a Uniform” one Cathy commented on the new guidelines.

“This is training a responsible citizen. I welcome and applaud you for that” noted another person known as Reagan.

Founded in 2002 by the Anglican Church of Uganda- Ankole Diocese, the University has been growing at hyper speed and is one of the most populous Universities in Western Uganda with around 4000 students.

The university is known for its strict religious rules which include a mandatory bible for every student while reporting at the University, denying students who do not belong to the Aglican communion a chance to become guild presidents and many others.

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