Bobi Wine Speaks out on Allan Ssewanyana’s Alleged Abduction


NUP president Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has come out to talk about the alleged abduction of Makindye division West Mp Allan Ssewanyana.

The legislator was taken into the infamous drone car by several masked armed men soon as he walked out of the prison gates of Kigo prison.

“Last night, Hon. Allan Ssewanyana a Member of Parliament (NUP) was abducted outside Kigo prison by gun wielding men after being granted bail by court. Driven to unknown place in the infamous ‘drone’ car! How thousands of our people have been abducted under the cover of the dark!” Kyagulanyi tweeted.

Ssewanyana was taken into custody alongside Kawempe North mp Hon Muhammad Ssegirinya over accusations of masterminding the recent Masaka killings about two and half weeks ago.

The two had been granted bail of cash Shs 20M by the Masaka High Court and were supposed to be released on Monday but security defied the charges.

Kyagulanyi said that he was amazed at Gen Museveni’s hypocrisy as he had just come out a few days ago to give a security address.

“A few weeks ago, #DictatorMuseveni came out to posture about human rights! We told him it was just a matter of time, he would be exposed. In no time, his men were at it again- torturing, abducting and murdering people. All Ugandans have an urgent duty to bring this to a end,” Kyagulanyi added.

For now, Ssewanyana’s whereabouts are unknown and security hasn’t yet come out to provide a security update.

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