Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine gets his UK Travel Lifted; here is why he was banned

National Unity Platform President Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu is now free to visit his NUP diaspora team in United Kingdom after his travel ban was lifted by the Island country.

The ban was lifted after 9 years when it was instated following his homophobic comments.

In his statement Bobi Wine thanked his diaspora legal team who have been doing all it takes to see the ban lifted.

Bobi was banned from visiting United Kingdom in 2014 after the singer gave his opinion on the hotly debated Ant homosexuality bill of 2014 where he strongly supported the ant homosexuality bill.

Bobi Wine has since dropped his conservative stance against the LGBT taking the liberal stance in his recent interviews whenever asked about his stand on the LGBT rights.

Bobi Wine said that he will visit the United Kingdom soon, news that excited his UK diaspora team.

“I want to appreciate our legal team in the UK for the relentless fight and our NUP/People Power diaspora comrades for constantly raising our voice through protests as well as knocking on different doors. Their main argument has been that it is unfair to open their doors for Gen. Museveni, a world renowned tyrant and yet continue to shut the door for me who, together with many others are trying to build a free and democratic country. I am very glad to inform you that the ban against me from entering the UK has finally been overturned, and I will soon be visiting the UK after more than 10 years.” Bobi Wine said.

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