Be Wary of Conmen-New MPs warned

The new MPs have been warned against con-men around parliament who promise to get them ministerial positions and end up fleecing them of their money.

The remarks were made by West Budama MP Jacob Oboth during the ongoing parliamentary lectures on the rules and procedures of parliament.

“President Museveni does not need your money to make you cabinet minister or whatever. Please if you give in your money to these thieves, it will end in tears.” Oboth said.

In the same manner, MPs in the 11th parliament have been given name tags together with their respective constituencies for easy identification.

The MPs welcomed this move as they said it would ease communication. This was done at the request of Bugweri county MP Abdu Katuntu to enable MPs identify themselves easily and to distinguish themselves from other workers in parliament.

“This tag is not going to be there for good. We agreed as MPs to have these tags. It’s just embarrassing to ask a fellow MP their names and constituencies.”Nakaseke central Mp Allan Mayanja said.

The new MPs are currently being undertaken through parliamentary conduct lectures by the veteran MPs.

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