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15 Case Files Awaits Lumbuye, Says Enanga

Fred Enanga, the Uganda police spokesperson has said 15 case files are awaiting critic Ugandan blogger Fred Kajubi Lumbuye

Government last week said Lumbuye who had been arrested in Turkey last week to face several charges upon being extradited to Uganda.

Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said whereas the motor mouth blogger has not yet been handed over to Uganda Police, a number of case files are lined up against him.

‘‘Fred Kajubi Lumbuye is not yet in their custody’’ Enanga added while addressing journalists on weekly briefing at Naguru.

“We want to tell the public that as police, we have 15 case files against Lumbuye under investigation for spreading harmful propaganda, sharing videos asking public to protest, inciting chaos among the public and other cyber-crimes,”Enanga said.

The police spokesperson however distanced himself from commenting on the blogger’s whereabouts but noted that as soon as he is handed over to police, he will be held accountable for the charges.
“Until Lumbuye is handed over to police, we shall then come up with a statement on the status of investigations. Whether in country or not, our interest is that we shall process him over these case files awaiting him. We are to wait until he is handed over to us and process the cases,”Enanga said.

The State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Henry Okello Oryem last week said Lumbuye will have to answer for his deeds committed while in Turkey.
“Anybody who commits a crime in any country whatsoever will pay the price for committing crime, that person you are talking about is not special. Who is he to think that he is above the law,”Oryem said.

Last week, the minister confirmed that Lumbuye had been arrested and was due for deportation on Saturday, however, the whereabouts of Uganda government critic remain unclear since the police also has not yet confirmed his deportation and also his colleagues in Turkey can’t tell where Lumbuye is exact.

Several media reports have quoted security sources indicating that Lumbuye was returned into the country.

Lumbuye is among bloggers who announced president museveni dead last month the President directed security to look for people who announced him dead.

“Social media apparently has been saying that Museveni is dead. The other day when I went to that side of Bombo to lay a foundation people were looking at me (with shock) because they had been told by social media that Museveni is dead or something like that,” Museveni said last month.

“The security service needs to also solve that problem’’ he added.
Section 25 of the Computer Misuse Act section 25 stipulates that any person who communicates in a manner that ridicules or offends a person without any justification commits an offence.

Reports state that Lumbuye was picked up by security agents as he returned to his residence on Tuesday evening in Turkey. But his colleagues claimed that he was arrested by the Ugandan embassy in Turkey as he tried to renew his passport.

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