1292 Candidates Results Withheld Ahead Of UCE Exams Release

Uganda National Examination Board has withheld results for 1292 candidates ahead of 2020 Uganda Certificate if Education exams which have been released today.

According to UNEB, “a total number of 1,292 results have been withheld in accordance with Section 5 (2) (b) of the UNEB Act No 1 of 2021.

UNEB Executive Director, Dan Odongo said on Friday during the release of UCE results that the affected candidates will be given a fair hearing.

Uganda National Examination Board

Examination centers from which results are withheld will be notified through their portals

According to Odongo, the most affected subjects include Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics with external assistance, collusion among candidates, impersonation and script substitution the common cases registered.

“In the sciences, the papers test the candidates’ ability to manipulate science apparatus while carrying out experiments, to apply the science process skills of making measurements and observations, recording observations and other data, drawing inferences or conclusions from observations that they have made, data presentation and interpretation. They should also be able to apply basic scientific knowledge to solve problems in their environment. Those challenges are persistent and are responsible for poor performance by the candidates in the lower grades,” Odongo said.

He also noted that despite improvement in English language, in composition writing there was misfiring by candidates who were doing cram work

However, according to the UNEB Executive Director, performance in last year’s UCE exams has improved compared to the previous 20019 results.

“There was better performance overall, compared to 2019, with 311,233 (4,309 more) candidates passing compared to 306,924 who passed the examination in 2019,”Odongo said.

According to the results released, there was an overall improvement in performance in the large entry subjects except in Geography, Chemistry and Biology whereas the latter showed a slight improvement at diction two-level as Chemistry remains the worst performed subject among candidates who sat in 2020.

Half of the candidate who sat in 2020 failed to achieve the maximum pass eight of chemistry subject.

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