‘‘100,000 is too little for a Ugandan family for 42 days.’’, Dr. Besigye on Covid-19 Cash Relief

Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president, Dr.Kizza Besigye has rushed to the government over the said shs 100,000 allocated for Covid-19 relief cash to Ugandans while addressing journalists yesterday.

The vocal opposition figure, Besigye said that the shs 100,000 is too little for an average Ugandan family for 42 days and wondered whether that said amount of money will cater for rent and advised government to plan better for its citizens.

“How can you say that you are budgeting 20kg of posho for a family for 42 days. How can that work? Even that posho can’t deal with the needs of children,”Besigye said.

Dr. Besigye’s statement comes after government announcing that it had identified a total of 501,107 households to each receive shs 100,000 Covid-19 relief cash.

The Minister for Gender, Betty Amongi said the shs100,000 will help households cater for the purchase of 20kg of posho at shs 40,000, 10kg of beans for shs25000, a bar of soap at shs 3000, a three-liter -jerrican of cooking oil for shs 12000 and the remaining shs20,000 to be used for other items at home.
The Lord Mayor of Kampala, Mr Erias Lukwago, who accompanied Dr Besigye, among other top party officials, proposed that each household should at least be given Shs260,000.

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago also said the area leaders would have been consulted before releasing this cash relief to the said vulnerable.
Lukwago laughed it off saying it is a joke for the Ministry of Gender to listed 16 categories of people and that beneficiaries will be identified by town clerks and the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS).
Lukwago said that town clerks do not have the capacity to identify the most vulnerable groups in various communities

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