Idi Amin’s son accuses President Museveni of killing Benedicto Kiwanukka

The son of the late president Idi Amin Dada, Lumumba Amin has made a shocking allegation linking President Museveni to the death of the late Chief Justice, Benedicto Kiwanukka. It should be noted that Kiwanukka was murdered by the Amin regime as per sources in the 1970’s.

However, Lumumba disagrees and in fact says that President Museveni has something to do with it. He tasked the President to narrate why he was a few days found driving a Volkswagen car that had the same number plate eye witnesses had reported that was used in the capture of Kiwanukka.

Lumumba Amin made these comments in an X letter addressed to President Museveni’s letter blocking the setting up of an Idi Amin Institute. Apparently MP Kaps Hassan Fungaroo had proposed the setting up of such an institute to honour and remember the former President.

But in a letter Museveni wrote to his wife, Janet Museveni, he opposed this move. He said that there is nothing to remember about Amin. This is because his government was unconstitutional and it committed many atrocities.

He listed these and they included the death of Ben Kiwanukka. But according to Lumumba, Museveni’s letter was full of lies and anger. Besides, he should be the one indicating where the remains of Kiwanukka are.

“Our only current request is that you kindly explain to the people of Uganda a few facts, especially how on January 22nd 1973, at House 49, Maluku Housing estate in Mbale, @PoliceUgf ound you driving a Volkswagen whose registration number UUU 171 had been reported by eyewitnesses of the heinous broad daylight abduction of the first ever indeginous Prime Minister of Uganda, @DPUganda1954 political party Secretary General, and Chief Justice of the @JudiciaryUG of the Republic of Uganda, the late Mr. Benedicto Kiwanuka.”

Well all sources state that the late Kiwanukka was murdered by Idi Amin. And this seems like a new twist to the tale. It’s waited to see if the President will make a formal reply to the accusations.

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