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Over 14,000 Children Defiled Since The Implementation Of The Lockdown -NCA Reveals

National Children Authority (NCA) has revealed that over 14,000 have been defiled since the COVID-19 pandemic which forced the country into lockdown and all learning institutions closed as a way of combing the spread of the virus.

This was revealed on Thursday 30th/09/2021 at the launch of mass vaccination campaign for teachers and learners by Mr Martin Kiiza, who is the executive director of National Children Authority (NCA).

Mayuge, Kabale, Rubanda, Rukungiri, Kamuli and Butaleja districts are some of the hotspots districts affected most while others include Kisoro, Kanungu, Rukiga and parts of Teso Sub-region according to NCA study.

“There were 2,628 teenage pregnancies cases between March 2020 and July 2021. Kabale in particular recorded 25 defilement cases and 42 cases were recorded in Kanungu.” Mr. Kizza said.
He said Rubanda was particularly worrying with 302 cases and 216 cases of domestic violence registered from July 2020 to August 2021.

This forced the NCA joined the Parliamentary Forum on Children to encourage all teachers and learners that are eligible for vaccination against Covid-19 to get inoculated such that children can resume schooling since minority are sexually abused after being out of school for over 18 months.
According to the government, at least 330,000 learners that are above 18 years as well as 550,000 teachers must be vaccinated before schools reopen next year for school and primary whereas tertiary November 2021.
About 269,945 teachers have so far received their first COVID-19 jab whereas 96,653 vaccinated fully as on 30th/09/2021.

This means that 253,386 out of 550,000 teachers are not vaccinated against COVID-19 even though the reopening of education institutions has been pegged on their vaccination.

NCA was established in May 2016 by the Children (Amendment) Act 2016 and it advises the government on the formulation of a national child protection policy and child rights programmes in the country.

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