Museveni Urges Ugandans To Get Vaccinated As He Receives Second Covid-19 Jabs

observing the set Standard Operating he received his second covid-19 vaccination jab yesterday at Nakasero state Lodge together with the 1st Lady Janet Kataha.

Museveni and the First Lady were vaccinated for the second time from the Nakasero State Lodge on 3/06/2021 Thursday afternoon.

The two, who by taking the second jabs completed the recommended dose to minimise effects of the deadly virus, urged Ugandans to emulate them and get vaccinated.

“I urge Ugandans to get vaccinated. We started with the high-risk groups like health workers, teachers, security and people with comorbidities. Our target is to cover over four million people,” Museveni said.

However, mass vaccination which started on Monday 31/05/2021 at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds put on standstill to prepare grounds for President Museveni’s State of the Nation Address (SONA)  today  evening.

According to the World Health organisation for some COVID-19 vaccines, two doses are required.

For vaccines that require two doses, the first dose presents antigens which are proteins that stimulate the production of antibodies to the immune system for the first time.Scientists call this priming the immune response, whereas the second dose acts as a booster, ensuring the immune system develops a memory response to fight off the virus if it encounters it again.

The President assured Ugandans that vaccines are safe and effective but urged them to continue wearing masks, washing hands with soap and water, sanitising ensuring good ventilation indoors, physically distancing and avoiding crowds to minimise transmission.

The development comes at a time when Covid-19 cases have continued to surge as Uganda battles with the second wave of the deadly virus.

The Ministry of Health today reported 1083 newly registered cases countrywide, 832 of which were got in Kampala.

In the last three days since June, 1, Uganda has registered 2612 new cases whereas Kampala alone accounts for 1,883 of the cases.

The number of cumulative cases registered since the first case in March 2020 is 49,759 with 365 deaths.

A total of 1,125,306 tests have been done since last year whereas the total number of people vaccinated now stands at 677,084.

However, what is more worrying is that 377 people are admitted in Intensive Care Units of various government hospitals battling the virus.

The Minister for Health, Dr.Jane Ruth Aceng on Wednesday warned that the second wave of the virus will claim more people than the first one , adding that the third one, which is about to come will be worse.

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