Mosquito Net Distribution to Food Venders Kicks Off In Kampala Metropolitan.

Senior Public Relations Officer at the Ministry of Health, Emmanuel Ainebyoona has confirmed that the Ministry of health has kicked off distribution of mosquito nets in kampala to food markets.

President Museveni during his previous address on COVID-19 status allowed essential works and food markets to continue operating after him banning all private and public transport means for a period of six weeks.

“Food market vendors should revert to the position of March 2020 and stay at their places of work. The ministry of health should give them free bed nets so that they are not bitten by mosquitoes but when you sleep do not be together because we have found in the army that that causes infections,” Museveni said.

However, he restricted their movements and advised vendors to revert to his directive of March 2020 to stay in their places of work to avoid spreading the virus.

President Museveni consequently directed the Ministry of Health together with Kampala Capital City Authority to provide nets to the vendors.

These measures will contain the second wave of the deadly Coronavirus which included 42-days ban on large gatherings, public transport among others.

“The Ministry of Health will start distributing Mosquito nets to traders in Markets around Kampala tomorrow, Wednesday starting with Nakasero market at 9:30am” Ainebyoona tweeted yesterday..

The development is on backdrop of President Museveni’s directive to all food market vendors to stay in their working places during the lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19.

“As the country battles the COVID-19 pandemic, malaria is another risk especially to the traders who sleep in markets. The mosquito nets will come in handy to them,” Atwine said.

“We have got 2000 mosquito nets from Quality Chemicals Limited and the Ministry of Health will add 3000 nets to make it 5000. We want to ensure everyone who sleeps in the market gets a net.” He added.

The Health Ministry Permanent Secretary also urged the vendors to ensure they practice social distancing while in the markets to avoid the spread and contracting of the deadly virus

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