Man Serves Deadly Snake Sauce To Customers

There was drama and commotion in Kamuli district as a restaurant owner known as Minka Kyabike almost got lynched by angry customers who he had served snake sauce.

Mr Minka had been serving mudfish to his clients and this time they   unsuspectingly enjoyed their dish as usual.

However, this fateful day’s fish didn’t taste quite like the usual one.

After vigorously interrogating him, he admitted that he had served them meat from a snake.

Mr Minka said that for a week he’s been unable to access the mudfish he’s been serving to them.

Fortunately for him, on his way to the swamp, he bumped into a big snake which he killed and brought to his restaurant.

He cut it into pieces and served the delicacy to his innocent clients with a piece going for Shs 500.

Minka attributed this to the lack of fish and money yet he needed to sustain his family as he pleaded with the people to forgive him.

One of the people who ate this meat, Peter Kaima interestingly said that it tasted delicious and he would maybe seek more of it in the future.

The deputy health officer of Kamuli district Moses Lyagoba asked the people to calm down and there was no need for alarm as the snake had been boiled making the poisonous elements inactive.

Snake meat is one of the delicacies among different African tribes and some beyond the continent.

It’s even classified as sea food in some hotels globally and here in Uganda it’s a delicacy for the Congolese who enjoy it in Arua park.

According to a New York times report, rattlesnake tastes like a sinewy half starved tilapia.

Called “desert whitefish” in the Southwest, it’s reportedly “bland and difficult to eat,” tough, sinewy, and full of little bones. There’s very little in the way of actual flavor.

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