‘‘Kikubo Must Not Open Before Assessment’’, Says Kampala State

Kabuye Kyofatogabye, the state minister for Kampala said Kikubo and downtown kampala should not open before assessment.

During the presidential address on Friday, Kikuubo and other arcades around the country where allowed to resume operations but under strict guidelines.

However, speaking on Saturday morning, Minister Kyofatogabye said that traders in Kampala will have to postpone reopening until an assessment is made.

Kiosks and roadside sellers were banned since they cause commotion in the city.

“On 2nd August, which is Monday, do not come to Kikuubo, and I by this mean all the arcades around, including Nabugabo, Luwum Street, Ben Kiwanuka and the other arcardes around,” the minister told the press at the Uganda Media Centre.

The minister said that the arcardes and malls can only operate after the Kampala COVID-19 task force assesses the situation and issues them with a certificate.

“We do not want you to get into trouble without enforcement team, arcades can only operate when we have certified ourselves that all is okay.”

He said that the assessment process will take about five days if people cooperate.

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