Keep Safe, Covid Does Not Know Your History- Irene Ntale To Fans

Musician Irene Ntale has come out to alert her fans to keep safe in the wake of an upsurge in COVID cases in the country.

The musician who seems to have contracted the deadly flue in the recent, said that COVID does not want to know anything about you, it kills you slowly.

“See your small waist and nice looking behind, Corona isn’t interested in all that! It really goes for the kill! Your lungs!! Guys let’s stay home and stay safe. Believe me, we shall find enjoyments! People are dropping dead and it’s very scary.” Ntale posted.

The country has seen a spike in COVID-19 cases in the recent past with different medical facilities getting overwhelmed by patients.

The President yesterday 6th June while addressing the nation introduced a number of measures aimed at curbing down the rapid spread of COVID-19.

The singer went ahead to tell her fans how she will narrate her tale of how she fought off the deadly disease.

“Give me sometime. I will slowly share with you my fight against Covid19! Especially what people don’t say in fear of facing stigma. I  strongly urge you though to be very very careful!  Omanyi musimbula nyo.” Ntale tweeted.

People have been urged to get vaccinated in the wake of the second wave which is on the rise and has claimed a number of people.

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