Kazire Health Products Unveils ‘‘Vidicine’’ As Another Covid Herbal Supplement-NDA Approved.

Pharmacognist Edward Kazire, proprietor Kazire Health Products unveiled another covid herbal supplement as the country and world at large continues to grapple with the pandemic.

Vidicine was unveiled in Mbarara City on Wednesday by Mr. Kazire and approved by the Uganda National Drug Authority (NDA) to complement the treatment and management of Covid-19.

“A year ago, our research team embarked on a huge project aimed at finding out a complementary treatment for Covid-19, this was in response to the pandemic that befell the world. Being practitioners in the field of natural medicine, we found it important to engage in first tracking the solution to save our people,” Mr Kazire said.

According to Mr Kazire, scientists will keep making research to ensure that they get a cure for Covid-19.

“I would like to inform Ugandans and the world of science that the journey of finding this solution is taking shape. We registered a landmark step on August 16 when NDA notified our herbal medicine under brand name Kazire Vidicine,” Mr Kazire said.

“This notification permits that our drug can now be manufactured at large scale and be sold in all registered and accredited pharmacies, and drug shops across the country.” He added.

Mr Kazire said he used the drug on 270 Covid-19 patients on home-based care during the second lockdown as a complementary treatment, which helped them (patients) to avoid getting severe to seek for oxygen support.

“None of these patients went for oxygen support and it’s because of the vidicine drug we gave them,” Mr Kazire said.

He said the drug does not treat Covid-19 and advised patients to seek medical treatment and home-based care as advised by health workers.

Mr Abiaz Rwamiri, the NDA spokesperson, said the drug has been notified as treatment for cough, sore throat and flu. “The notification has been based on initial assessment, published literature and safety studies,” Mr Rwamwiri said.

“We have advised the manufacturer to conduct clinical trials, which are the highest level of evidence to ascertain any claims of treatment than that approved for,” Mr Rwamwiri added.

Prof Ogwanga Patrick was the first innovator of the covid herbal drug and secured approval from the Uganda’s drug regulator National Drug Authority (NDA) to manufacture Covidex through Jena Herbals Ltd.

Covidex, a local herb was approved few months ago by the National Drug Authority (NDA) for use as a treatment regimen for COVID-19.

However, prof. Ogwanga also warned Ugandans to first seek medical advice before using the herb.

The NDA executive director, Mr David Nahamya said after various assessment and inspection of the factory manufacturing the herbal medicine, they have approved its use to support treatment of viral infections including covid-19.

Uganda National Drug Authority has so far approved two herbal drug supplements for covid-19 which include Covidex by Prof Patrick Ogwanga and Vidicine by Kazire Health products

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