Government categorizes Eligible Vulnerable For COVID-19 Cash Grants

The government has categorized vulnerable persons who are eligible to receive COVID-19 cash grants as opted in form of cash by National COVID-19 Task Force in Kampala Metropolitan.

Over the weekend, Ms Nabbanja who is the new Prime Minister said the National COVID-19 Taksforce that she chairs opted for cash transfers because of the challenges experienced in the distribution of government food in metropolitan Kampala during the first lockdown.

Besides slowed delivery, many missed out, while others received more than their original allocation, others complained about the poor quality of beans and maize flour.

Ms Nabbanja said the shift to cash transfers is also intended to give the beneficiaries choices on priority spending.

According to Kampala Resident City Commissioner Hussein Hudu,these have been categorized into four. Youth in Kampala City slums and single mothers are among them.

Others include boda boda cyclists and taxi operators, The Prime Minister, Ms Robinah Nabbanja, and Gender ministry officials are expected to announce the details of the amount to be handed out soon.

Separately, Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago proposed that each household be given at least Shs252, 000, an average Shs6, 000 daily spend, but that the transfers be made to each family member instead of the head.

President Museveni imposed a second major lockdown last Friday following rising Covid-19 cases in the country, the president closed both public and private transport as well as Kikuubo, the commercial hub of Kampala, where hundreds earn a daily living.

During a press conference yesterday, Mr Hudu said the details of who will receive how much cash to last the 42 days is being finalized, although he raised fears that ineligible individuals could be smuggled onto the list of beneficiaries.

To ensure that the right people are reached, he said village chairpersons will be central in identifying the beneficiaries since they know their residents and as such, should demonstrate honesty and good behavior.

“In this period, almost everybody is affected in one way or the other, but there must be criteria of identifying who is the most affected. There are those who survive on hand-to-mouth and they are known in the city.

‘‘The capital has 96 parishes and roughly 1,000 villages, according to official records.’’ Mr Hudu said

Mr Hudu urged LC officials to work with divisional mayors to identify the most vulnerable people in their communities, and asked the government to fast-track the process of cash handouts because lockdown has worsened the living conditions for the impoverished.

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago asked the government to reactivate the 800 Covid-19 vaccination centres in the capital so that residents can easily access them.

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