Don’t come to Kampala or Wakiso if you are upcountry – follow S.O.Ps or die –Museveni to Ugandans

President Museveni  has warned Ugandans about ignoring government guidelines about covid-19 that it will lead to a disaster and loss of people.

In his Address yesterday on May 29th, President Museveni warned Ugandans of ignoring government advice of preventing the spread of the virus. ‘Uganda has confirmed four new variants from South Africa, Nigeria, UK and India’ which he said are more deadly than the original one from China.

In his words, he said “I am here to tell you that he who is not advisable was told clay doesn’t make canoes but he didn’t listen. When we had controlled the pandemic but all the measures were ignored by those who are not advisable,”

On Saturday, the Ministry of Health reported 700 new confirmed COVID-19 infections and one death. The results indicated that of these, 600 are contacts and alerts registered in Kampala (441), Wakiso(75), Gulu(72), Luwero (29), Nakasongola (23), and Tororo (11) districts. By Saturday, Uganda had registered 45,931 cases and 362 deaths since March 2020 when the first case was registered in the country.

President Museveni insisted that Kampala is now the hotbed of the virus in the country, with other areas doing well in terms of new infections. He warned that this number could go up if people don’t listen to the government advice on controlling the spread of the virus. He explained that initially, the numbers of infections and deaths were not many because Ugandans listened to advice which put pressure on the health system but noted the situation is soon going out of hand.

“Our success last year was that the few who would get sick would be treated. The strategy hinges on minimizing infections and it is why we succeeded last year. In US and Europe, they didn’t succeed because they failed to control numbers. Those high grade facilities were of no value. The problem was that they didn’t control the numbers. This is where we are heading,” Museveni said. “If people die in big numbers don’t say we didn’t tell you. If you don’t control numbers (new infections) health facilities can’t cope. If you have got many people, how will you concentrate on them? If numbers are too many, hospital beds will be overwhelmed.”

He asked people in upcountry areas to avoid coming to Kampala and Wakiso if they have nothing much to do and urged the public to continue following the Standard Operating Procedures meant to control the spread of the virus.

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