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Video: Tiwa Savage Sex Tape Breaks the Internet, She Speaks Out.

Nigerian songstress Tiwa Savage is trending after the alleged video tape of her was leaked by the black mailer online.

The video shows one of the Africa’s finest engaging in a sexual act with unidentified man in a 10 second video clip.

The blackmailer whose identity is still unknown but used the username Gistlover contacted Tiwa threatening to blackmail her with the video tape.

Savage went on Instagram where she laughed at the person who leaked her video tape saying that she can’t be broken down despite the attempts for the culprit to do so.

“You hated how I was able to control the narrative and get ahead of a story before it consumed me and how I was able to joke on stage about something you thought will destroy me and make me ashamed,” Said Tiwa Savage in an Instagram post.

Earlier this month, Savage acknowledged the existence of the tape however said that she can’t be ashamed for doing something natural with her boyfriend.

She went on to say on Sunday 17th that no one will see her video.

The video was released on Monday night and is already rotating on various social media channels especially Twitter, Telegram and Whatsapp.

Savage says that the one who wanted to put her down must be irritated now, seeing that she’s still holding her head up.

“You must knock my head when you see me otherwise with my full chest.” Concluded Tiwa.

The video was received with mixed reactions among music fans with some people blaming her for filming such private moments with her boyfriend while others sympathize with her and ask cyber teams have the one who leaked the video traced and dealt with according to laws of the land.

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