Singer Grace Khan finally admits pregnancy


Local female singer Grace Khan has finally admitted her pregnancy.

This was during a baby shower held for her over the weekend.

While cutting the cake, she even cried at the love her family and friends had decided to show her.

The singer had severally denied being pregnant and even most times tried to cover up the bump.

She even at one time became violent parading verbal insults at those who dared to ask about this pregnancy.

Her maid at one time a while ago came out to allege that the singer had resorted to using drugs and had even aborted the baby.

She said this had happened after Grace Khan had been dumped by owner of the pregnancy.

Well it seems the maid was lying and had her own motives.

Meanwhile the man who planted this live seed in Grace Khan is still anonymous.

Rumors had it that it was fellow singer Prince Omar.

He however a while back denied the pregnancy saying that he’s even never met Grace Khan physically.

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