Sheebah is not your level- Fans sting Spice Diana

Fans can really stir and brew hatred among celebrities that is not even there.

This seems the case with fans of superstar musicians Spice Diana and Sheebah.

A few weeks ago the Onsanula singer came out to allege how Sheebah’s fans were constantly insulting her on her social media pages.

She wanted Sheebah to tell them to stop attacking her and advised them to stick to Sheebah’s pages and let her be.

Sheebah however has denied her the attention she seemingly craves for that would pave way for a beef.

Fans were quick to remind Spice Diana that she’s a social media artist but musically Sheebah is classes ahead of her.

This was after Spice Diana took to her social media pages to celebrate herself on being the most followed female musician in Uganda with 1.1 million followers.

“. Just a few years ago it was just a dream and see where we are now now #spice gadgets thank you so much. Looking forward to so many great achievements together forever, walking this journey has been the most amazing experience of my life.” Spice Diana posted.

These felt that this was a minor achievement to celebrate owing to the fact that she’s not even the most followed female entertainer on all social media pages combined.

They reminded her to stop trying to validate herself and concentrate on releasing good music unlike the bubble gum that she does.

“The only time you get to compete with Sheebah is when we are comparing who takes the best Facebook photos and who has more followers on Instagram. But when we start talking music you become a student to Sheebah ate nno student oli abeera mu backbenchers group.” A fan told her.

“It could be Freshkid and Felistar celebrating such . It’s so disappointing to see you still doing the same . I didn’t know having followers is also an achievement. Just asking with 20 others.” Another disappointed fan went.

“Not that bad to dream, but I’m which country, Karma still on top, thanks , u will never,” another fan said.

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