Pastor Bugingo was bedding Judith Babirye – dark secrets emerge


Well the forbidden fruit was the sole reason Adam and Eve fell from the garden of Eden. It has also led to great men crumbling.

This has proved the same for Canaan land Ministeries pastor Aloysius Bugingo.

The pastor over the weekend got introduced by his mistress Susan Makula yet he’s still legally married to his wife, Teddy Naluswa.

Sources coming in according to a local Facebook blogger known as Senga Acid, Bugingo also used to bed former MP and gospel singer Judith Babirye.

“That baby that Judith Babirye last had is for pastor Bugingo,” Senga Acid alleged on Facebook.

Another Facebook user by the names of Namugera K Nives also alleged that Pastor Bugingo has been bonking her friend mercilessly promising her marriage.

“Kyoka he gave my friend a car some few months back and he’s promising to marry her,” She said.

She said that Bugingo has been doing this whole already dating Makula.

This Facebook user added that Bugingo is a carnivorous animal when it comes to women as he has been caught on numerous times flirting with other women.

“Ate omuwala akimanyi Bujingo mwenzi kuba Alina abawala abalala kuba buli Kade amukwata ne messages musimu ye atte nga waliwo nabawala abekwanila Bugingo , pics ,videos byona omuwala abilina Ela wamunyiliza muja kulaba. Ne family yomuwala emanyi Bugingo,” She added.

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