Lady Mariam Tindatine’s Kadama Sister Accuses Her Of Chewing Her Money


Faded singer Lady Mariam of the Tindatine hit has been accused by her alleged sister Kirungi Swabra of chewing her hard earned money.

Swabra says that she’s a maid who has been working in the UAE and wanted to buy a house along Mityana road.

She revealed that sent Ugx 7m to Tindatine who chewed it and was even supposed to get a bank loan on her behalf but she didn’t.

“I sent money (7M) to Lady Mariam to deposit on the house I intended to buy along Mityana road. It was valued at 27M and she was supposed to get a loan of 20M from the bank on my behalf, but she didn’t do it. She used my money, I need it back,” Swabra said.

She added that Tindatine besides being faded does witchcraft.

Tindatine however says she doesn’t recognize Swabra as her sister and this is just to tarnish her name.

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