Kasuku Reveals How John Ssegawa Broke His Camera For Writing About Him

Media personality Isaac Katende has come out to reveal how he was at one time confronted by popular dramatist John Ssegawa.

Kasuku said that by that time he was working at Red Pepper which was well known for writing controversial articles about certain public figures.

Kasuku who was appearing on Spark TV also talked of how he had never had passion for TV and radio because he was good at writing features.

“Originally, my passion for journalism was in writing features. I wasn’t interested in TV or radio because I was very good at writing. I had some run-ins with John Ssegawa who discovered I was writing about him in Red Pepper and at one time, he broke my camera.” Kasuku revealed.

The often controversial journalist went ahead to reveal how he squandered his first salary on partying because he had no responsibilities.

Kasuku further revealed how he adopted both his nicknames “Kasuku and Kuku Wazabanga.”

He got the name Kasuku from the program he used to do on UBC TV with Ibrah K Mukasa titled ‘Kasuku’ where they would interview celebrities.

For the Kuku Wazabanga, he got it from former DRC president Mobutu Sese Seko who he admitted a lot.

The Talk and talk show host further revealed how at one time he was suspended from Standard High Zzana for constantly escaping adding how he was in the same class as Mickie Wine.

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