John Blaq video breaks the Internet

Whatsapp, Telegram and Twitter nearly freezed as a video allegedly belonging to musician John Blaq rocks the internet.

The video shows black butted John Blaq showing his obubaddi to unidentified lady while putting the shades on.

The video has been ranked by internet users as one of the best though criticized the narrowness of Blaq’s styles where he monotonously used only one style.

Blaq was also criticized for putting on sun glasses yet the room was dark.

Arguments are still going on between music fans to identify whether it is John Blaq or its another fake video like how it has been with the case of the alleged Diana Nabatanzi Video

Neither John Blaq nor his management has come out to acknowledge or deny the video as the singer has spent the day instead posting about his latest song Mbimala.

John Blaq video is of the series of the videos that have rocked the internet since the second lockdown started which include the Kitende Video, MUBS Video, LDC’s Gloria Kenganzi Video and the alleged Diana Nabatanzi video.

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