Don Zella

Don Zella to release the bƟnking tape of Remmie Precious’ new boyfriend Raymond

Don Zella seems committed to make sure the relationship between Remmie Precious and her new boyfriend Raymond ends in tears.

Ex lover of big eye who alleges that she chewed Raymond this year in July says that she is ready to leak the tape of the two in their private affairs.

Raymond is the newly engaged lover of Precious Remmie who works on Spark TV.

Zella has been released various photos showing a list of Ugandan girls whom Raymond has been in love with including the Presidential Advisor Catherine Kusasira.

She continues that the tape once leaked will expose the tiny size of Raymond;s manhood which she likens to that of a months old baby.

“Kano ka kinakuka nkate oba nkaleke?” (Should I release this rated video or I leave it?) Don Zella asked her fans.

Zella says that her motive to leak the clip is to stop Raymond’s act of playing with and breaking girl’s hearts, which, according to Don Zella, he has done it so often.

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She claims that her acts will help Precious from entering into a fragile relationship and is thus ready to put a full stop on the relationship before it goes far.

Raymond apologize to the ladies you have played with,” Zella sets conditions for Raymond if she’s to hold back the clip. “if you playing with people’s hearts consider the consequences”

Neither Raymond nor Remmie has opened up about the allegations from the self style Nnalongo Don Zella.

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