Did Jeff Kiwa Swindle Kabako his Hard Earned Money?

Over the past few days, TNS singer Roden Y Kabako has been embroiled in a bitter land wrangle. The singer claims to have bought a piece of land in Busabala.

The singer alleges that he is the rightful owner of the said land and it was bought for him by his manager Jeff Kiwa after countless years of saving.

Kabako alongside wife Jazira Dumuna went ahead to warn off the area LC 1 chairman and the alleged perpetrator a one hajjati off the land.

These assert that they won’t give up on the piece of land they rightfully own.

This piece of land even a few days ago got Kabako behind bars although he was later released.

Many people have been wondering why Jeff Kiwa who bought the land for Kabako is quite as all this goes on.

An anonymous person however wrote a letter which was posted on blogger Ray Supasta’s Facebook page about this land.

In this letter, the writer says that he’s a neighbor to the said land in Busabala and gave it’s history.

He says that the land belonged to a boda boda rider who tragically passed away in an accident a few years ago.

This rider however had passed on his land documents to his mother before he died. The mother later found out that he had been cohabiting with some woman.

This woman was permitted to stay on the land as the mother to the boda guy looked for a way forward.

However, this lady connived with a pseudo LC 1 chairman and sold off the land to Jeff Kiwa.

Kiwa on learning these land disputes also sold off the land to Kabako.

“While selling off that plot of land to Jeff Kiwa, the babe used a pseudo LC 1 chairman. And it’s the same pseudo chairman who was used while Jeff was selling off to Kabako. That’s why the legit chairman is saying he doesn’t know Kabako and that he has never signed for him on any document while buying any plot of land in Busabala.” An excerpt from the letter read.

He went on to say that Jeff clearly knew the land was under disputes while selling it to Kabako.

However, Kabako said that Jeff Kiwa is innocent and should not be put in all this mess.

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