Butcherman Spent His Money On Big Bummed Women- Kabaya

Fire base singer Kabaya has come out to give some interesting details about his former label mate Butcher Man.

Kabaya was talking about the musicians who have been criticizing Bobi Wine for calling them beggars.

Many musicians have come out to tell the Fire base head that he has no moral authority to call them beggars.

These say that he’s e very stingy man who has never come out to help any musician despite the huge chunks of money he’s been a amassing from his funders.

Kabaya however says that these musicians failed to plan for their lives when they were still earning.

He went ahead to give an example of his former crew mate Butcherman who he says dished out all the money he earned in music on women.

“People calling Bobi Wine selfish should know that when someone makes a shop and calls you to work in it, it doesn’t make you a shareholder. Most of the artistes you see suffering didn’t plan for their life. I remember when I had just joined Firebase, I was from church but I saw what I had never seen. I saw a lame man on a stick squeezing big bummed women numerous times. He was at times cornering them than the able bodied men.” Kabaya said.

Kabaya said that Bobi Wine by then was the superstar and would take them to perform in different places where he would foot all their bills.

Butchermam later deserted Bobi Wine’s camp accusing him of selfishness.

He was the ghetto gladiator’s number two but he says he was lacking mil s behind his boss in financial situations.

Kabaya however said it’s all about knowing ones goals because people like Nubian Li have never come out to complain.

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