Bobi Wine shows his authority with the release of Sipapa

Controversial socialite Charles Olim aka Sipapa finally got released after spending three weeks behind bars at SID in Kireka.

Sipapa who had been arrested alongside singer Record Ella whom he manages from Makindye was joyous as he met his comrades.

Sipapa’s lawyers had failed to secure his release after they were told his arrest was on orders from above.

The controversial socialite was allegedly arrested on possession of gun charges. His lawyers were denied access to him.

Earlier this week former presidential candidate Bobi Wine came out on social media to demand for the release of Sipapa.

It should be noted that Sipapa had terrorized Bobi Wine’s camp in the pre and post election period.

It was therefore a shock to see Bobi Wine demanding for his release but the politician said it was his civic duty that every Ugandan gets a free and fair trial.

Coincidentally a few days after Bobi made this post, Sipapa got released on bail.

Speaking about his time in jail, Sipapa said that he had been put in a safe house and declined to comment on the charges.

“I don’t want to comment about the charges. However these days anyone who has the slightest of issues with you can get you taken into a safe house. I have learnt that those you call your friends are actually not and the common people are all you have.” Sipapa said.

He went ahead to say that he had called his rich friends to bail him out but they refused.

They reminded him of how he always gets money from President Museveni and chews it alone.

Sipapa however said that he has never received a single coin from the president.

He concluded by saying his friends who are generally poor are the ones that helped his family while he’s been in jail.

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