Rema and Hamza

Bizzemu: Rema showers Hamza with true love on Independence Day

It has been while since Rema last posted photos of love of her life Hamza Ssebunya. Hey, she’s back and in a twisted mood with new love spices.

The Loco singer went on her social media today to celebrate the love that her lover Hamza Ssebunya has showered her with.

Rema said that she wishes her mum was still alive to see her husband Hamza Ssebunya.

“You make me wish my mama was still alive to see how you make her Kula happy” Rema said.

Rema and Hamza made their relationship public in September 2019 after the singer parted ways with the father of her first born daughter Eddy Kenzo. Ever since then, Rema seemed never to have regretted her decision as she has been showing how happy she is in her new relationship.

Hamza Ssebunya is qualified physician with a degree in Medicine and Surgery. Even though he is married to one of the most popular Ugandan musician, he has kept a low profile and has never opened a public social media account and all we know from their love life is from Rema’s side.

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