Bad Black narrates how she lost her ‘GOAT’

Bad Black and thigh vending affairs is something that can not be failed to be mentioned in one sentence.

The faded socialite got to be known by the power of her forbidden fruit and she’s still being talked about because of her pum pum.

When Bad Black decides to talk, you obviously know parental guidance is needed because she goes 18+ most of times.

While appearing in an interview with a local YouTuber, the acclaimed cookie seller said that she lost her virginity to a ‘Mzee’ of about 50 years yet she she was 19.

Bad Black however said that this Mzee was very loaded and she couldn’t reject his money because it’s money above love for her.

“I don’t consider age as anything important in relationships. I only want money. The man who broke my virginity at 19 was a 50-year-old man,” Maama Jonah said in the interview.

Bad Black has slept with several countless men according to her.

She however revealed that she quit selling it for money two years back to settle down with fiance Asher.

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