Zuena left me to starve – Bebe Cool reveals


Singer Big Size Bebe Cool came out to reveal how his darling sweet wife Zuena Kirema almost left him to starve for an entire day.

This was the singer a few days ago went to attend the late tycoon BMK’s burial without having eaten anything.

On reaching a restaurant, Bebe Cool called Zuena to send him 80k since he wanted to buy good for four people but she told him she was penniless.

The Wire wire singer had expected his wife to get the money from her bakery.

She however decided to send the money after much pleading from the singer.

“The day we buried BMK, I left the burial grounds so hungry because I hadn’t eaten anything all day. We found a place but I didn’t have any coin on me. I therefore called Zuena to send me Shs80,000 for four people but surprisingly, she told me she doesn’t have money,” Bebe Cool said at DJ Emma’s funeral.

Well there you now know that every woman regardless of their status they are unseperable with money.

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