Ziza Bafana has never chewed me – Naira Ali


When artistes collaborate on a song, they usually become worryingly close and this leaves fans thinking that they have been chewing themselves.

This has always been the case with dancehall singer Ziza Bafana and USA based Naira Ali.

The two took to studio in 2015 releasing a jam titled ‘Shy gal.’

The two then became so close as they promoted the song which left fans thinking that they are chewing themselves in and out.

However, replying to a fan, the ‘Sikyalinda’ singer said Bafana doesn’t even know the road leading to her promised land.

A fan commented saying that “I have been told to ask you that how many rounds did Ziza Bafana chew you?”

Naira Ali took the comment replying that “not even a single round.”

Wow that’s Ugandan social media for you, the boys don’t shy away from asking even the most controversial questions to their stars.

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