You’re The Best Father- Zuena To Bebe Cool

Zuena Kirema has taken to Facebook to appreciate hubby Big size Bebe Cool for being the best father to their six kids.

She wrote this heartfelt post to appreciate the singer on Father’s day which is celebrated globally every 20th of June.

The singer is well known for pushing and believing in his children’s talents especially Alpha Thierry Ssali whose football career Bebe Cool has supported ever since he was a kid.

She went ahead to lavish the ‘Wire wire’ singer as the best husband and father. Zuena in the post did not forget thanking her own father Mr Kirema for all he had done for his family.

“The only thing better than having you as my husband is our kids having you as their father. Thank you for being the best Dad any child could ever ask for Bebe Cool.” Zuena posted on her Facebook page.

Bebe Cool is well known as a family man who has been so supportive towards his kids and wife.

Even critics have gone ahead to appreciate the Gagamel boss when it comes to being a family man.

Bebe is always seen playing around with his children and doing the perfect father role.

This can be attributed to the fact that his own father wasn’t present in his life the way he would have wanted while growing up.

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