Your Wife And I Used To Sell Ourselves Together – Bad Black Stings Salvado

Faded socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black is not the type of person you will mess with and simply walk away scot-free.

Comedian Patrick Salvador might not have known what he was about to face when he got himself in the row between Bad Black and her nemesis Ritah Kaggwa.

After Bad Black learned that Salvador was laughing at her failure to clear rent arrears, she told him that she wasn’t like him who had to lick Rajiv Ruparelia’s feet to be able to get a house and marry his wife.

Salvador took to Facebook yesterday to post pictures of his wife standing in front of a house saying that she would never have to worry about paying rent.

This was like he had aroused a tsunami as Bad Black has now hit out in the most damaging way she could at the man from Ombokolo.

She started by telling him how she’s illiterate but was about to teach the degree holder in him a lifetime lesson.

Bad Black questioned why Salvador is clinging on to her as if she’s Mun who slept with his wife in the old days.

She reminded him that it was Rajiv’s money that got Salvador his wife Daphne.

The former jail bird went ahead to remind Salvador that him and her were absolutely different personas right from age, culture and life goals.

She told Salvador that since he was a faded comedian, she was glad to have given him a comeback and should use it wisely.

Bad Black further told Salvador that if at 55 years only a two bed roomed house is all he has to show off after licking people’s behinds then it’s a pity reminding him again that President Museveni gave him 50 million shillings and Rajiv added the rest to complete the house.

She further revealed how Salvador at one time went to the USA to get registered as an LGBT in order to get money before reminding him that he’s under the spell of Alex Muhangi.

“Salvador your a total disgrace to our nation or you want me to remind you how you went in USA to be registered as an LGBT for money. Your a life failure who will forever be in Alex Muhangi’s shadow.” Bad Black said.

Bad Black asked Salvador why he as never posted his mother’s house in Ombokolo which is about to fall on her head.

She also tasked him to do it or she will reveal more about him which her Snapchat followers already know.

Bad Black also told Salvador that he should know that his wife Daphne is an ex sex seller because every musician even the upcoming ones have ever slept with her and should stop throwing her in everyone’s face.

“I used to sell myself with the Daphne you go around throwing in our faces at Speke hotel and Kololo. There is no musician who didn’t sleep with her even the upcoming ones. That’s why she decided to settle with a living monkey in a pig form like you  because she got used by everyone.” Bad Black added.

She promised to demolish him further if he dares to come after again and advised to go to his ancestral home and put his home in order.

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