Kuluthum Muzaata

Your A Thief And Ho*- Kuluthum Muzaata’s In-laws Attack Her

Ever since Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata died, the situation in his home has been tense.

This arises from the deceased’s property and the people supposed to share it.

These include Kuluthum Muzaata who was married to Muzaata by the time of his death.

It’s however said that Muzaata’s will said that he had no wife by the time of his death.

This arose from the differences he had between him and his wife Kuluthum over infidelity accusations.

It’s said that Kuluthum was fornicating with her shamba boy a thing that Muzaata got wind of.

This was further enhanced by some of Kuluthum’s in-laws who said that her sleeping with the shamba boy is the reason Sheikh Muzaata didn’t include her in the will.

They called her an attention seeker and con woman who wasn’t even around by the time of the Sheikh’s death.

This followed an interview yesterday on Spark TV in which Kuluthum said she was always by Muzaata’s bedside during his last earthly days.

“She’s a liar and a cheat, just a greedy old woman. She was sleeping with the shamba boy and that’s why Muzaata didn’t include her in his will. She had even run away from home for 4 months by the time Sheikh died so she should stop lying in the cameras that she was around.” Hajjati Bugilita who was Sheikh Muzaata’s wife said.

She added that even the house Kuluthum badly fought for wasn’t built by Sheikh Muzaata but out of her sweat.

The family had earlier on divided the properties of the late Sheikh amongst themselves and Kuluthum together with her child were given the official house.

However disagreements arose over the car which the in-laws wanted to take to which Kuluthum objected.

These however took the car’s card which Kuluthum said that she she was worried they might use for the wrong reasons.

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