You won’t get even a coin – Bad Black attacks OS


Singer Omulangira Ssuuna might be a darling among majority social media users after imprisoning media personality Kayz and other two workers, but he’s losing it among some entertainment figures.

After MC Kat’s, Douglas Lwanga, Kasuku, Crysto Panda all disagreeing with his actions, Victoria University ambassador Bad Black has also joined in the singer’s critics.

The popular though vendor sympathised with Kay’s as she promised Ssunna not get a single penny from this case.

“Am out of words,the good thing is bail is a constitutional right as long as it’s not murder..we just need substantial suties…bad I have no connection and Kitalya, singa Luzira I was going to command you get good beddings , food, OS gyakudira… your not getting any single coin,” she posted.

It’s not know when the NBS trio are going to be given bail after the judge said time constraints on Friday couldn’t permit him to look through the matter.

NBS however maintained that this case will be dealt with and justice shall prevail.

Ssuuna after having the NBS workers arrested is now witch hunting Isma Olaxess who was their accomplice in “fabricating defamatory statements” against him.

The singer even issued a 1million cash prize to anyone who gives him the exact location of Isma.

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