You Will Soon Be Better Than Beyonce- Pastor Prophesies To Sheebah

Hmm, men of God really have guts these days that they even prophesy things that seem impossible to a common man with just physical eyesight.

But well you can’t oppose the prophesies made by these so called men of God because they speak with Him directly.

These pastors have gone ahead to prophesy some funny things that one would feel don’t fall in the line of God’s work.

Local female singer Sheebah took to her Facebook page to highlight a prophesy from a certain pastor who prophesied her greatness to her.

This pastor is known as Tumusiime Joseph and he went on to say that Sheebah was still a star in the making who God was still moulding.

This pastor went on to say that not even the clouds are Sheebah’s limits but it’s rather heaven.

Maybe even God watches upon the queen karma upon his throne.

“Sheebah Karungi , the heaven is your limit, I have seen you singing a worldwide class song, many nation’s to celebrate your song, both political and religious that have touched on hearts of lions both in Africa and the Western world. The Beyonce sang but you will sing and they will sit to watch you. Relax and correct your courage, you will make it and never let pride to destroy the future.” The pastor posted.

Surely he’s a God of wonders and nothing is really impossible.

However we don’t know if this prophesy was really from God or it’s just the pastor’s opinion.

I mean just imagine God endorsing those Sheebah lyrics and content, dotcom God he maybe but he’s omnipresent and omnipotent.

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