You have No Right To Speak About People In A Relationship- Fans To Sheebah

Everyone has really been trying to have an opinion and make their views felt on the Flavia Tumusiime and Andrew Kabuura saga.

These included TNS singer Sheebah Karungi who came out to air her views on the whole scenario in a social media post.

In this post, the Nakyuka singer came at the defense of her fellow woman saying all those who were trolling Flavia were stupid.

Sheebah asked people to stop disrespecting hardworking women and instead of trying to validate Kabuura’s cheating, let Flavia rest because probably she’s going through so much.


“Am very disgusted by the way society is disrespecting a very hard working, respectful , brilliant woman like Flavia Tumusiime yet am sure she’s already going through enough! Instead of blaming the person who strays, the world would rather try to figure out why the cheating happened and then place blame. Often, that blame is placed on the woman, even when it’s wrong. Stop shaming women .

I sympathize with you FLAVIA. Be strong my friend , they want you to Break down & loose it. Don’t give them that satisfaction, You’ve worked so hard for your crown! You are a phenomenal woman

God bless you
As for Women Teething about this… SHAME ON YOU.
#StopShamingWome.” Sheebah posted.

This however did not go down well with her fans as they told her that she could have instead sent her a private DM instead of writing a whole post about the whole saga.

Some told her that she doesn’t even know whether the whole scenario is true or concocted.

Others told her that she’s a proud ‘Nakyeyombekedde’ and therefore she deserves no right to speak about people’s relationships.

This did not go down well Sheebah as after being bashed she posted another post saying that some people commenting on her posts have no sense in them.

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