You can only enjoy being single before the bills pile up – Sheebah


The queen of the nakyeyombekeddes Sheebah Karungi has come out to say that one can only enjoy a marital status of herself only before the bills start pulling up.

Sheebah while doing a social media video said that being a nakyeyombekedde has many advantages but the disadvantages are quite the same.

“The disadvantages of being a nakyeyombekedde are countless but the advantages of being a nakyeyombekedde are also countless. Let me tell you some of them, I can wake up in the morning and turn my sitting room into a gym, a club, a spa, a massage parlor, anything without asking Tata Junior if it’s ok.”

“And then I can wake up and just have a barbecue at midnight without seeking permission from Taata Junior until you have a thousand bills piled up on you and then you remember you wish you had a Taata Junior, high when the pipe has broken, when there is no electricity,” Sheebah said.

Well even the chief nakyeyombekedde knows that a man is necessary at some stage in life.

For now she can however for her case take care of the monetary bills.

It’s only the natural bills that she can’t satisfy unless she does it underover or uses the artificial way to get off.

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